Money Makin’ Izzy

This week we talk with our good friend Izzy as we dive into money management!

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06:00 – How do we know Izzy?
10:40 – What makes Izzy do the coolest nerd in the room?
12:00 – What’s the top advice you would give someone when it comes to finance?
18:00 – How Izzy learned the value of money
20:30 – How Izzy approached paying off her debt?
24:00 – How Izzy maintains her financial discipline
27:00 – The commitment of owning a home
29:00 – Riding clean while in the hood
35:00 – Understand what you’re willing to sacrifice what you want
38:00 – Why everyone should look into getting life insurance
42:00 – What are some good resources to learn more about money management?
48:00 – Understanding the difference between net worth and cash flow 
54:00 – Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Netflix?
56:00 – What Izzy do when it’s time to shut her brain down
59:30 – The unreliable brain of Stephanie and her ADHD
1:03:00 – Why do Steph and Izzy love ratchet love show?
1:07:00 – Tech and cocaine
1:12:00 – Why is Florida so wild?!
1:16:00 – Why do we don’t care for communicating on Facebook

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