The Real MVPs

This week Steph and Madblkman talk about the real mvps…our inner circles! We breakdown the importance of have a strong circle of friends and family, when we decide on if somebody should be in our inner circle, and how we add people to squad!

Also, Madblkman hits a drag show in San Diego, Steph talks about how Iyanla fixed her life, and honoring all parts of your personality!

02:15 – How did we become cooler nerds this last week?
04:00 – Why we killed “what’s the nerdiest thing that happened in the world?”
04:45 – Madblkman’s trip to a drag show in San Diego
08:50 – Steph gets her life at Iyanla’s show in Houston
12:50 – How children are the manifestation of their parents subconscious
14:10 – How building relationships and feeling validated motivates you to be better
15:25 – Have you left a review or rating for the show yet??
16:10 – When you’re okay with your life but your friend’s aren’t
18:55 – So how do we define a “inner circle”
20:30 – So where do we stand with our inner circle of friends?
25:55 – The importance of keeping people who move in the right direction in your circle
28:25 – The pusher vs. the pushed
31:50 – The difference between passively motivating and aggressively pushing someone
35:30 – Why it’s hard to be pushed by people who don’t have proven track records
38:10 – Why we typically don’t work with friends
41:10 – Separating what someone says about you from how you view yourself as a person
44:55 – How people will always show their true colors in the end
50:10 – How actions speak louder than words for Steph
53:40 – Zero-tolerance for dealing with negative and complacent energy
56:40 – How do we re-evaluate our inner circle
1:01:40 – The importance of creating memories with your inner circle
1:05:40 – What made Madblkman happy this week?
1:07:20 – Steph & Sesh: Honoring all parts of your personality
1:13:25 – What are we going to do this week to become cooler nerds?
1:17:40 – Outro

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Intro/Outro produced by @chaisnuclear of the Chicken Social

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